Some numbers
  • 2 managers
  • 2 sectors, heating and sanitary plumbing
  • A technical desk with 7 technicians
  • An effective secretariat composed of 6 people
  • About 30 employees for production
  • 600 m2 of office space, same for the workshop, and 20 vehicles
Creation of the firm

In 1977, two friends, Fernand Pittet and Michel Morier Genoud, set up Confort Service after the closure of the company that employed them at the time.

Two professional men, passionate, full of enthusiasm, who specialize in maintenance, repair and renovation of buildings in the domains of heating and sanitary plumbing.

Building on the steady growth of its business, Confort Service expands the scope of its activities in the 1990s. In order to support the greater scope of its activities and to operate municipal water and gas networks, Franck Schir, with his Maîtrise Fédérale, reinforces this brilliant team.

A technical desk is born.
In 2008, the company is taken over by Franck and Veronique Schir, proud to continue this success story. Confort Service is continuously evolving and adding to its business activities, now working for the manufacturing sector, the medical sector as well as the luxury hotel sector.